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Frequently Ask Questions

What is GIC?

GICTrade is the world’s first Peer to Peer (P2P) Forex Trading Platform that allows investors to choose to be a Trader or a Market Maker. The GICTrade platform uses Metatrader 5 and Blockchain technology to produce safe and transparent trading for all users.

Why is GIC Started to be A New Breakthrough?

GICTrade is the first Forex trading platform that gives access to the investors to become Traders or Market Makers, in other words, investors as buyers will meet investors directly as sellers (Peer to Peer). With this concept, certainly, GICTrade becomes a platform at a very different level from common brokers:
  1. Fair and impartial to anyone since the Trader and the Market Maker are equal investors.
  2. By bringing together investors to other investors without passing through an institution or marketing broker, the trading costs on GICTrade reach the minimum rate: no commission, free swap, and low spread.

What are the advantages of GIC compared to other brokers?

GICTrade is a P2P Trading Platform, not a broker or broker. GICTrade cooperates with licensed brokers and traders in Indonesia in recording and reporting customer trading on GICTrade. Once again, the P2P concept (customers meet directly with customers) is very powerful and opens many advantages for customers including:

1. Increase the trust of customers who trade on the GICTrade platform because GICTrade does not side with anyone who is the same as a customer.
2. GICTrade's P2P trading ecosystem without going through institutions provides the advantage of 'Zero Swap Charges'.
3. Zero Commissions - GIC benefits from network effects which means no commission fees.
4. Low Spread - With the P2P concept, GICTrade is able to provide very competitive and low spreads

Trading Security & Transparency - Blockchain technology strengthens technology security and is also peer to peer which prioritizes transaction transparency, enabling users to trade with confidence. In addition, trading on GIC is also safer, because GIC cooperates with legal brokers and traders and has official licenses in Indonesia for reporting all transactions to the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and Indonesian Futures Clearing House (KBI) which are under the supervision of CoFTRA.

Is GIC legal?

GIC is a legal forex trading platform established in Singapore and has received an official legal statement from Singapore Law Firm RHTLawTaylor Wessing LLP regarding the issuance of GICT tokens. Yes, in Indonesia, GIC with the Global Investa Cakrawala business entity cooperates with legal Brokers and Traders under the supervision of BBJ, KBI and CoFTRA. Registration number : Capital Megah Mandiri : 733/BAPPEBTI/SP/6/2005 Trijaya Pratama Futures : 407/BAPPEBTI/SI/VII/2004.

Are my funds secure?

Very safe. Because GICTrade cooperates with PT. Trijaya Pratama Futures as an official broker who reports all transactions to the Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ), then all customer funds are deposited into the Segregated Account of PT. Trijaya Pratama Futures. Segregated Account means a separate account supervised by an Indonesian government agency.

What is Market Maker?

Let's recap what we already know from Market Maker:
  1. It takes a lot of fees and permits to become a Trader/Market Maker company.
  2. Opposite position to the trader. Trader Profit, Market Maker Loss and vice versa If you choose to become a Market Maker on the GICTrade platform,

    what are the advantages?

    • Market Maker is passive because Market Maker will take a position if there is a trader who opens a position (trading passively).
    • Because it is passive, the customer does not need to keep up with the chart, there is no need to allocate special time for trading.
    • To become a Market Maker customer, customers only need a minimum deposit of 5,000 GICT to be able to enjoy the functions like a trading company without having to bother with permits and large funds to be deposited in the government
    • Customers only need to pay a Market Maker fee of 20% of the profit without having to pay to open an office or recruit members and pay high operational costs. (If you don't make a profit, you don't have to pay a fee).

What are the advantages of being an Active Trader at GIC?

Traders at GIC have many advantages including:
  1. Fair trading in P2P, where traders will trade directly with market makers.
  2. Affordable capital starting from 3 million.
  3. Low transaction fees, where:
  • Zero Commission: GIC has good network effects so it does not require commission fees.
  • Zero Swap: Traders will be directed directly to the market maker via P2P, eliminating swap fees.
  • Low Spread: Market makers play the role of providing instant liquidity, reducing spreads and slippage trading. Our P2P marketplace allows for 0 pip spreads in practice.  

How do I make a deposit?

Regarding deposits, the trader's first step to deposit GICT to GIC is to transfer trading funds to PT Berjaya Eka Sukses (Primadax) BCA account.
There is also the BCA Primadax account number is 145-077-8890 with the name of the account owner Berjaya Eka Sukses PT.
After transferring funds, traders can exchange rupiah to GICT at Primadax. Then, open the GIC mobile app to transfer GICT on Primadax to the GIC wallet. Select GIC Exchange, transfer to GIC Portal, just one click away!

How much is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit for Trader is 200 GICT or Rp. 3 million (according to the prevailing exchange rate at primadax) and for Market Maker 5000 GICT or Rp. 75 million (following the prevailing exchange rate at Primadax). Per 1 GICToken Floating can be checked on primadax.

What is the Minimum Lot for Trading on GIC?

For traders at GIC, trading can be started from 0.01 lots according to the product from BBJ (Jakarta Futures Exchange) for all pairs currently available.

Which products can be traded on GIC?

Trading items available on GIC include currencies (currency), commodities (gold, oil) and INDEX stocks (Nikkei, Hanseng) And the GICTrade product itself is:
  1. GIC Trade: Blockchain-based forex (MT5) trading platform for traders and market makers
  2. GIC Token: A special and special Utility Token only for use on the GICTrade platform
  3. GIC Exchange: This exchange platform is used to trade GIC tokens, and also convert fiat into Rupiah.

Does GIC provide training for beginner traders like me?

GIC provides demo account facilities that are given to every GIC member who has registered. And there is also a Telegram group GIC t.me/GICTrade and GIC also regularly holds Kopdar discussing how to trade.

What is GICT and why trading on GIC should use GICT?

GICT is a coin derived from a BTC technology fork designed to be used within the GIC platform ecosystem. This cryptocurrency is used as a Utility Coin within the GIC platform ecosystem. GICT exists to improve user experience in using GIC products

How do I purchase GICT?

  1. You can open access via GIC mobile apps.
  2. Then go to the wallet menu.
  3. To buy GICT, you need to have a GICT balance on the portal. However, if you already have a balance, please skip this step. For those who do not have a balance, please fill in the balance in the following way:
    • Click the 'Deposit' menu
    • Transfer the amount you want to deposit to 145-077-8890, PT. Berjaya Eka Sukses, BCA.
    • Enter the Bank Name where you will make the transfer, Account Account Number, Deposit Amount, and Screenshot/Photo of Transfer Proof.
    • Then you can click send on the available menu.
    • After the balance is filled, you can return to the previous menu, then click 'Exchange'.
    • Click the 'From' menu then select 'IDR'. Then enter the desired amount. Then click the 'To' menu by selecting Indonesian rupiah.
    • The last step, you can click 'Exchange' which will convert your money into a GICT balance.

How do I withdraw my GICT?

Make sure your GICT funds are stored in the portal wallet and not in trading/market maker accounts or exchange wallets.

  1. You can open access via GIC mobile apps.
  2. Then go to the wallet menu.
  3. Click the 'From' menu then select 'GICT Token'. Then enter the desired amount. Then click the 'To' menu by selecting Indonesian rupiah.
  4. The last step, you can click 'Exchange' so that your GICT balance has turned into rupiah.

How long will my withdrawal take?

All withdrawal processes are carried out on working days. How long the withdrawal process takes depends on when the withdrawal process is carried out: 
  • If done before 11.00 WIB: Will be processed the same day
  • If done after 11.00 WIB : Will be processed the next day.
This process is carried out for Bank BCA. For other banks, the customer will receive it a few days later according to their respective bank procedures.

How to deposit with Merchant Duitku?

How to Make a Deposit with Merchant Duitku on the GICTrade Mobile Apps
  1.  Complete the OTP and KYC verification process
  2. Select the wallet menu then select deposit
  3. Choose Duitku transfer method
  4. Select Merchant and enter the amount deposited, then click "submit"
  5. Complete the payment process from my Duitku merchant via the Virtual Account that has been provided
  6. After the payment process at the merchant is successful, then your funds have entered the balance

How do I register with GIC Trade?

Here's how to register for GIC Trade:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the GICTrade application through the user's Google Store or App Store.
  2. Then select the 'Register' menu by completing the form related to email, phone number, referral (optional), and password.
  3. Finally, you can click “Register” to activate your GICTrade account.
  4. Please wait a while to get the activation email. After receiving the email, you can click 'Activate' and your GICTrade account has been registered.

How do I get Activation Email back?

To request a GIC account activation email, all you have to do is access the mobile apps on the GICTrade login page. Then you can enter the email and password used during registration. Then a message will appear "Your account has not been activated, please check your incoming message or click here to send the activation email again". After receiving the command, please click "Here" and you will get an activation email in your inbox.

Why has the SL or TP installed on the price screen, it appears that it has touched the requested price, but not DONE?

It is necessary to know in advance that the SL or TP which is considered "DONE" must meet the following conditions:
  1. Stoploss and Takeprofit levels are considered “DONE” if the Bid/Ask price on GICtrade Metatrader has touched the desired price, unless the price is categorized as “Wrong Quote”
  2. “Wrong Quote” or Quotation Error is: a condition where the available selling price (Bid) or the available buying price (Ask) displayed on MetaTrader 4 or 5 Client Terminal does not reflect the available selling price (Bid) or the available buying price (Ask)/ actual market conditions.
    • The price moves abnormally / wildly (up / down) and quickly from the last price and back again to the previous initial price. The price that occurs in the transaction does not match the market price at that time with reference to the price source in GICTrade.
    • The SL or TP price level that is done is not always done at the posted price, due to the fast movement in the high / "hightick" market.
    • Prices listed on Reuters, Telequote, Bridge and other Data Providers are non-binding reference prices only. Confirmation of "done" or "not done" of SL / TP is based on the Bid / Ask price in the GICTrade Meta trader.
  3. If there is a "Wrong Quote" in the system, then GICTrade has the right to cancel the transaction that occurs with or without the customer's consent.
  4. If there is an unreasonable widening of the spread in the market, the normal spread is: 60 points for Major Rate, 120 points for Cross Rate while for Gold is 100 points.

Why does the pending order (LO = Limit Order and SO = Stop Order) or SL/TP can disappear by itself?

Here are the things that must be considered to install LO / SO & SL / TP, namely:
  1. All LO/SOs can be posted 15 minutes after Monday's market opening. GICTrade may delete the LO/SO posted in less than 15 minutes after the market opening without further notice.
  2. Trading hours for forex and Gold :
    • Forex Major Rate / Cross Rate :
      Summer :
      Monday = 06:01 – 03:59 WIB
      Tuesday – Thursday = 04:01 – 03:59 WIB
      Friday = 04:01 – 03:30 WIB
      Winter :
      Monday = 06:01 – 04:59 WIB
      Tuesday – Thursday = 05:01 – 04:59 WIB
      Friday = 05:01 – 04:30 WIB
    • Gold :
      Summer :
      Monday = 06:01 – 03:29 WIB
      Tuesday – Friday = 05:01 – 03:29
      Winter :
      Monday = 06:01 – 04:29 WIB
      Tuesday – Friday = 05:01 – 04:29
  3. The installed LO / SO & SL / TP will be valid until Friday. LO / SO that have not been done and are not canceled / canceled on Friday will be canceled by GICTrade without any prior notification.
  4. If there is a market holiday or there is an early market closing, the LO / SO & SL / TP that have been installed and have not been done, then the LO / SO & SL / TP will be deleted, and the LO / SO & SL / TP can be re-installed 15 minutes after opening, the market the next day.
  5. In the condition that if there is a market holiday before the market closing on Friday, and at the time of the closing of the market holiday the LO/SO has not been done and is not cancelled, then the LO/SO will be automatically canceled without further notification. The customer can re-install the LO / SO on the next day.
  6. LO / SO installation can be for new positions or liquidation.

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